workers’-compensation         board.An           agency that       reviews cases     arising   under workers’-compensation statutes and administers the related rules and regulations. — Also termed workers’-compensation commission. [Cases: Workers’ Compensation  1076–1096.10. C.J.S. Workmen’s Compensation §§ 700–729.]

“Workers’ compensation boards … are tribunals … of limited and special jurisdiction and have only such authority and power as have been conferred upon them by express grant, or by implication as necessary and incidental to the full exercise of their authority. The functions of such agencies may include the settlement of disputes with respect to the right to and the amount of compensation, the supervision of voluntary settlements or agreements, the collection and administration of compensation funds, and the supervision and regulation of matters pertaining to compensation insurance.” 82 Am. Jur. 2d Workers’ Compensation § 56, at 65 (1992).
[Blacks Law 8th]