without notice.Lacking actual or constructive knowledge. • To be a bona fide purchaser, one must buy something “without notice” of another’s claim to the item or of defects in the seller’s title. To be a holder in due course, one must take a bill or note “without notice” that it is overdue, has been dishonored, or is subject to a claim. UCC § 3-302(a)(2). See NOTICE; bona fide purchaser under PURCHASER(1). [Cases: Bills and Notes  331, 336; Sales  234(1), 473; Vendor and Purchaser  220. C.J.S. Bills and Notes; Letters of Credit §§ 172, 174, 177–179; Sales §§ 232–233, 235; Vendor and Purchaser §§ 482–485, 517.]
[Blacks Law 8th]