weapon. An instrument used or designed to be used to injure or kill someone. [Cases:

Weapons  8. C.J.S. Weapons §§ 13–15.]

concealed weapon.A weapon that is carried by a person but that is not visible by ordinary

observation. [Cases: Weapons  10. C.J.S. Weapons §§ 18–21.]

dangerous weapon.An object or device that, because of the way it is used, is capable of

causing serious bodily injury. [Cases: Weapons  8. C.J.S. Weapons §§ 13–15.]

deadly weapon.Any firearm or other device, instrument, material, or substance that, from the manner in which it is used or is intended to be used, is calculated or likely to produce death. • In some states, the definition encompasses the likelihood of causing either death or serious physical injury. — Also termed lethal weapon. Cf. DANGEROUS INSTRUMENTALITY. [Cases: Assault and Battery  56. C.J.S. Assault and Battery §§ 77–79.]

deadly weapon per se.A weapon that is deadly in and of itself or would ordinarily result in death by its use <a gun is a deadly weapon per se>. — Also termed per se deadly weapon. [Cases:

Assault and Battery  56. C.J.S. Assault and Battery §§ 77–79.] lethal weapon.See deadly weapon.

weapon of mass destruction.(usu. pl.) A weapon that is intended to kill human beings, without discriminating between combatants and noncombatants, on a massive scale. • Among the most frequently cited examples are nuclear weapons and chemical weapons. — Abbr. WMD.
[Blacks Law 8th]