ward. 1. A person, usu. a minor, who is under a guardian’s charge or protection. See GUARDIAN(1). [Cases: Guardian and Ward  1, 9.5.]

permanent ward.A ward who has been assigned a permanent guardian, the rights of the natural parents having been terminated by a juvenile court. [Cases: Guardian and Ward  9.5; Infants  155.]

temporary ward.A minor who is under the supervision of a juvenile court but whose parents’ parental rights have not been terminated. [Cases: Infants  154.1.] ward-in-chancery.Hist. An infant under the superintendence of the chancellor.

ward of admiralty.A seaman — so called because of the legal view that a seaman, in contractual matters, should be treated as a beneficiary and the other contracting party as a fiduciary because of the perceived inequitability of their bargaining positions. [Cases: Seamen  1. C.J.S. Seamen §§ 6, 216–219.]

ward of the state.A person who is housed by, and receives protection and necessities from, the

government. — Also termed state’s ward.

2. A territorial division in a city, usu. defined for purposes of city government. [Cases: Municipal Corporations  40.] 3. The act of guarding or protecting something or someone.

4.Archaic. One who guards. 5.CASTLE-GUARDD. — Formerly also termed warda.
[Blacks Law 8th]