waive (wayv), n. Archaic. A woman who has by her conduct deprived herself of the protection of the law; a female outlaw. • The term “outlaw” usu. referred only to a male. See OUTLAW(1), (2).

waive,vb.1. To abandon, renounce, or surrender (a claim, privilege, right, etc.); to give up (a right or claim) vo-luntarily. • Ordinarily, to waive a right one must do it knowingly — with knowledge of the relevant facts. [Cases: Estoppel  52.10. C.J.S. Estoppel §§ 67–68, 70–72, 75–76, 79, 159–160.] 2. To refrain from insisting on (a strict rule, formality, etc.); to forgo. 3.Hist. To declare someone a waif. See WAIF(2).
[Blacks Law 8th]