relevant,adj. Logically connected and tending to prove or disprove a matter in issue; having
appreciable probative value — that is, rationally tending to persuade people of the probability or
possibility of some alleged fact. Cf. MATERIAL(2), (3). [Cases: Criminal Law 338; Evidence
99.C.J.S. Criminal Law §§ 710, 730; Evidence§§ 2–5, 197–199, 204, 206.]
“The word ‘relevant’ means that any two facts to which it is applied are so related to each
other that according to the common course of events one either taken by itself or in connection
with other facts proves or renders probable the past, present, or future existence or non-existence
of the other.” James Fitzjames Stephen, A Digest of the Law of Evidence 2 (4th ed. 1881). [Blacks Law 8th]