relative,n. A person connected with another by blood or affinity; a person who is kin with

another. — Also termed relation; kinsman. Cf. NEXT OF KIN(1).

blood relative.One who shares an ancestor with another.

collateral relative.A relative who is not in the direct line of descent, such as a cousin. [Cases:

Descent and Distribution 32–41. C.J.S. Descent and Distribution §§ 29, 38–49.]

relative by affinity.A person who is related not by marriage or by blood or by adoption, but

solely as the result of a marriage. • A person is a relative by affinity (1) to any blood or adopted

relative of his or her spouse, and (2) to any spouse of his or her blood and adopted relatives. Based

on the theory that marriage makes two people one, the relatives of each spouse become the other

spouse’s relatives by affinity. See AFFINITY.

relative of the half blood.A collateral relative who shares one common ancestor. • A half

brother, for example, is a relative of the half blood. See half blood under BLOOD. [Blacks Law 8th]