registration,n.1. The act of recording or enrolling <the county clerk handles registration of

voters>. [Cases: Elections 95–119. C.J.S. Elections §§ 7(3), 36–38, 40(1), 41, 46–47, 51–52.]

criminal registration.The requirement in some communities that any felon who spends any

time in the community must register his or her name with the police. • Since the late 1980s, many

states have adopted strict registration laws for convicted sex offenders. See MEGAN’S LAW.

[Cases: Criminal Law 1222.1.]

special registration.Voter registration for a particular election only.

2.Securities. The complete process of preparing to sell a newly issued security to the public

<the security is currently in registration>. [Cases: Securities Regulation 11.10–11.50. C.J.S.

Securities Regulation §§ 8, 35–49, 63, 69–72.] — register,vb.

shelf registration.Registration with the SEC of securities to be sold over time, the purpose

being to avoid the delays and market uncertainties of individual registration.

“It is generally contemplated that the entire allotment of securities covered by a registered

offering will be made available for purchase on the effective date. This is not always the case,

however. For example, insiders, promoters or underwriters might receive securities directly from

the issuer with an intent to resell at a later date…. [I]t may be desirable to get a debt offering all

ready to go but wait for a propitious moment to release it. These and other delayed offerings have

led to what is known as shelf registration. In a shelf registration the registration statement is filed

but the securities are put on the shelf until the manner and date of the offering are determined.”

Thomas Lee Hazen, The Law of Securities Regulation § 3.8, at 119 (2d ed. 1994). [Blacks Law 8th]