register,n.1. A governmental officer who keeps official records <each county employs a

register of deeds and wills>. Cf. REGISTRAR. [Cases: Registers of Deeds 1. C.J.S. Registers of

Deeds §§ 2–4.]

probate register.One who serves as the clerk of a probate court and, in some jurisdictions, as a

quasi-judicial officer in probating estates.

register of deeds.A public official who records deeds, mortgages, and other instruments

affecting real property. — Also termed registrar of deeds; recorder of deeds.

register of land office.Hist. A federal officer appointed for each federal land district to take

charge of the local records and to administer the sale, preemption, or other disposition of public

lands within the district. [Cases: Public Lands 95. C.J.S. Public Lands § 167.]

register of wills.A public official who records probated wills, issues letters testamentary and

letters of administration, and serves generally as clerk of the probate court. • The register of wills

exists only in some states. [Cases: Executors and Administrators 8. C.J.S. Executors and

Administrators §§ 12–13.]

  1. See probate judge under JUDGE. 3. A book in which all docket entries are kept for the

various cases pending in a court. — Also termed (in sense 3) register of actions. 4.Eccles. law. A

record book of significant events occurring in a parish, including marriages, births, christenings,

and burials. • Registers became required in England around 1530. — Abbr. Reg.

register,vb.1. To enter in a public registry <register a new car>. [Cases: Records 9. C.J.S.

Registers of Deeds §§ 2–71.] 2. To enroll formally <five voters registered yesterday>. [Cases:

Elections 95–119. C.J.S. Elections §§ 7(3), 36–38, 40(1), 41, 46–47, 51–52.] 3. To make a

record of <counsel registered three objections>.4. (Of a lawyer, party, or witness) to check in with

the clerk of court before a judicial proceeding <please register at the clerk’s office before entering

the courtroom>.5. To file (a new security issue) with the Securities and Exchange Commission or

a similar state agency <the company hopes to register its securities before the end of the year>.

[Cases: Securities Regulation 11.10–11.50. C.J.S. Securities Regulation §§ 8, 35–49, 63, 69–72.] [Blacks Law 8th]