presentation. 1. The delivery of a document to an issuer or named person for the purpose of initiating action under a letter of credit; PRESENTMENT(3). [Cases: Banks and Banking 191. C.J.S. Bills and Notes; Letters of Credit §§ 341–366, 368–370, 372–376.] 2.Hist. Eccles. law. A benefice patron’s nomination of a person to fill a vacant benefice. • If the bishop rejected the appointee, the patron could enforce the right to fill the vacancy by writ of quare impedit in the Court of Common Pleas. See QUARE IMPEDIT. Cf. ADVOWSON; INSTITUTION(5).

next presentation. Hist. Eccles. law. In the law of advowsons, the right to present to the bishop a clerk to fill the first vacancy that arises in a church or other ecclesiastical office.

[Blacks Law 8th]