pilotage (pI-l<<schwa>>-tij).1. The navigating of vessels; the business of navigating vessels. [Cases: Pilots  14. C.J.S. Pilots of Vessels § 9.] 2. Compensation that a pilot receives for navigating a vessel, esp. into and out of harbor or through a channel or passage. [Cases: Pilots 9.C.J.S. Pilots of Vessels §§ 12, 15.]

compulsory pilotage. A requirement, imposed by law in some jurisdictions, that vessels approaching or leaving a harbor must take on a licensed pilot to guide the vessel into or out of the harbor. [Cases: Pilots  7. C.J.S. Pilots of Vessels § 8.]

half-pilotage. Compensation equaling half the value of services that a pilot has offered to perform. • Shipowners can avoid compulsory pilotage in some jurisdictions by payment of half-pilotage.
[Cases: Pilots  11. C.J.S. Pilots of Vessels § 14.]

[Blacks Law 8th]