pignus (pig-n<<schwa>>s), n.[Latin “pledge”] 1.Roman & civil law. (ital.) A bailment in which goods are delivered to secure the payment of a debt or performance of an engagement, accompanied by a power of sale in case of default. • This type of bailment is for the benefit of both parties. — Also termed pawn; pledge. See PIGNORATIO.
2. A lien. Pl. pignora or pignera.

pignus judiciale (pig-n<<schwa>>s joo-dish-ee-ay-lee). [Latin] Civil law. The lien that a judgment creditor has on the property of the judgment debtor. pignus legale (pig-n<<schwa>>s l<<schwa>>-gay-lee). [Latin] Civil law. A lien arising by operation of law, such as a landlord’s lien on the tenant’s property. pignus praetorium (pig-n<<schwa>>s pri-tor-ee-<<schwa>>m). [Latin “a magisterial pledge”] Roman law. A pledge given to a creditor by order of a magistrate.

[Blacks Law 8th]