petition,n. 1. A formal written request presented to a court or other official body.

certiorari petition. A petition seeking discretionary review from an appellate court. See CERTIORARI.

debtor’s petition. See voluntary petition.

involuntary petition.A petition filed in a bankruptcy court by a creditor seeking to declare a debtor bankrupt. • This type of petition may be filed only under Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. [Cases: Bankruptcy  2290. C.J.S. Bankruptcy § 57.]

juvenile petition. A juvenile-court petition alleging delinquent conduct by the accused. • The accusations made in a juvenile petition are tried in an adjudication hearing. See adjudication hearing (3) under HEARING. [Cases: Infants 197. C.J.S. Infants § 55.]

petition for probate. A written application by which a party requests that a court admit a will to probate.

petition in error. See APPEAL(1).

voluntary petition. A petition filed with a bankruptcy court by a debtor seeking protection from creditors. — Also termed debtor’s petition. [Cases: Bankruptcy  2257. C.J.S. Bankruptcy § 51.]

2. In some states, the first pleading in a lawsuit; COMPLAINT. [Cases: Pleading  38.5. C.J.S. Pleading §§ 94–95.]       3. Patents. A patent applicant’s request to a patent office’s administrative head for supervision of a procedural or jurisdictional matter related to the patent application. — petition,vb.

[Blacks Law 8th]