ore tenus (or-ee tee-n<<schwa>>s orten-<<schwa>>s), adv. & adj.[Latin “by word of mouth”]

  1. Orally; by word of mouth; VIVA VOCE <pleading carried on ore tenus>.

“Pleadings are the mutual altercations between the plaintiff and defendant; which at present are set down and delivered into the proper office in writing, though formerly they were usually put in by their counsel ore tenus, or viva voce, in court, and then minuted down by the chief clerks, or prothonotaries; whence in our old law French the pleadings are frequently denominated the parol.” 3 William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England 293 (1768).

2.Made or presented orally <ore tenus evidence>.

[Blacks Law 8th]