ombudsman (om-b<<schwa>>dz-m<<schwa>>n).1. An official appointed to receive, investigate, and report on private citizens’ complaints about the government. 2. A similar appointee in a nongovernmental organization (such as a company or university). — Often shortened to ombuds.

“An ombudsman serves as an alternative to the adversary system for resolving disputes, especially between citizens and government agencies …. An ombudsman is … (1) an independent and nonpartisan officer of the legislature who supervises the administration; (2) one who deals with specific complaints from the public against administrative injustice and maladministration; and (3) one who has the power to investigate, criticize and publicize, but not to reverse administration action.” 4 Am. Jur. 2d Alternative Dispute Resolution § 23 (1995).

[Blacks Law 8th]