occupational disease.A disease that is contracted as a result of exposure to debilitating conditions or substances in the course of employment. • Employees who suffer from occupational diseases are eligible for workers’ compensation. Courts have construed the term to include a variety of ailments, including lung conditions (such as asbestosis or black lung), hearing loss, and carpal tunnel syndrome. — Also termed industrial disease. [Cases: Workers’ Compensation 547–551. C.J.S. Workmen’s Compensation §§ 315–324.]

“Certain diseases and infirmities which develop gradually and imperceptibly as a result of engaging in particular employments and which are generally known and understood to be usual incidents or hazards thereof, are distinguished from those having a traumatic origin, or otherwise developing suddenly and unexpectedly, by the terms ‘occupational,’ and ‘industrial.’ ” 82 Am. Jur.

2d Workers’ Compensation § 326 (1992).

[Blacks Law 8th]