obligee (ob-l<<schwa>>-jee).1. One to whom an obligation is owed; a promisee, creditor, or donor beneficiary. 2. Under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, any person to whom a duty of support is owed. 3.Archaic. One who is obliged to do something; OBLIGOR(1).

“Several dictionaries, such as The Random House College Dictionary (rev. ed. 1988) and Webster’s New World Dictionary (1979), define obligee in its etymological sense [‘obliged’], as if it were synonymous with obligor. Random House, for example, defines obligee as ‘a person who is under obligation,’ but that meaning ought to be reserved for obligor. An obligee, in modern usage, is one to whom an obligation is owed.” Bryan A. Garner, A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage 609 (2d ed. 1995).

[Blacks Law 8th]