object (ob-jekt), n.1. A person or thing to which thought, feeling, or action is directed <the

natural object of one’s bounty>. See NATURAL OBJECT.

object of a power.A person appointable by a donee. See POWER OF APPOINTMENT.

2. Something sought to be attained or accomplished; an end, goal, or purpose <the financial objects of the joint venture>.

object of an action.The legal relief that a plaintiff seeks; the remedy demanded or relief

sought in a lawsuit. Cf. SUBJECT OF AN ACTION.

object of a statute.The aim or purpose of legislation; the end or design that a statute is meant

to accomplish.

object (<<schwa>>b-jekt), vb.1. To state in opposition; to put forward as an objection <the prosecution objected that the defendant’s discovery requests were untimely>.2. To state or put forward an objection, esp. to something in a judicial proceeding <the defense objected to the testimony on the ground that it was privileged>.[Cases: Federal Civil Procedure 2017; Trial 77. C.J.S. Trial §§ 220–221.] — objector,n.

[Blacks Law 8th]