nullity (n<<schwa>>l-<<schwa>>-tee).1. Something that is legally void <the forged commercial transfer is a nullity>. [Cases: Contracts 98, 135. C.J.S. Contracts §§ 137, 139–140, 145, 153–155, 157, 171, 173–174, 185, 188, 280.] 2. The fact of being legally void <she filed a petition for nullity of marriage>.

absolute nullity.Civil law. 1. An act that is void because it is against public policy, law, or order. • The nullity is noncurable. It may be invoked by any party or by the court. See La. Civ. Code arts 7, 2030. 2. The state of such a nullity. See NULLITY OF MARRIAGE.

relative nullity.Civil law. 1. A legal nullity that can be cured by confirmation because the object of the nullity is valid. • The nullity may be invoked only by those parties for whose interest it was established. See La. Civ. Code art. 2031. 2. The state of such a nullity.

[Blacks Law 8th]