nul tiel record,n.[Law French “no such record”] A plea denying the existence of the record on which the plaintiff bases a claim. • Evidence may generally be introduced to invalidate the record only, not the statements in the record. See trial by record under TRIAL. [Cases: Judgment 914.]

“The proper general issue in debt on judgments is ‘nul tiel record,’ which denies the existence of the record alleged. Nul tiel record sets up: (1) the defense either that there is no record at all in existence; or (2) one different from that which the defendant has declared of; or (3) that the judgment is void on the face of the record.” Benjamin J. Shipman, Handbook of Common-Law Pleading§ 186, at 330 (Henry Winthrop Ballantine ed., 3d ed. 1923).

[Blacks Law 8th]