notice of removal.The pleading by which the defendant removes a case from state court to federal court. • A notice of removal is filed in the federal district court in the district and division in which the suit is pending. The notice must contain a short and plain statement of the grounds for removal and must include a copy of all process, pleadings, and orders that have been served on the removing party while the case has been pending. The removing party must also notify the state court and other parties to the suit that the notice of removal has been filed. A notice of removal must be filed, if at all, within 30 days after the defendant is served with process in the suit. 28 USCA § 1446; Murphy Bros., Inc. v. Michetti Pipe Stringing, Inc., 526 U.S. 344, 119 S.Ct. 1322 (1999). [Cases: Removal of Cases 86, 87. C.J.S. Removal of Causes § 163.] NOTICE OF TRIAL

notice of trial.A document issued by a court informing the parties of the date on which the lawsuit is set for trial. • While the court typically provides the notice to all parties, it may instead instruct one party to send the notice to all the others. [Cases: Federal Civil Procedure 1966; Trial 6. C.J.S. Trial §§ 31–38.]

[Blacks Law 8th]