non intromittendo, quando breve praecipe in capite subdole impetratur (non in-troh-mi-ten-doh, kwon-doh bree-vee pree-s<<schwa>>-pee [orpres-<<schwa>>-pee] in kap-<<schwa>>-tee s<<schwa>>b-d<<schwa>>-lee im-p<<schwa>>-tray-t<< schwa>>r), n.[Latin “not interfering, when the writ praecipe in capite was obtained by deceit”] Hist. A writ issued to the King’s Bench or Eyre, commanding them not to aid a person who obtained a praecipe in capite for lands from the king because that person likely obtained the writ deceitfully, and ordering them to put that person to the writ of right.

[Blacks Law 8th]