newspaper. A publication for general circulation, usu. in sheet form, appearing at regular intervals, usu. daily or weekly, and containing matters of general public interest, such as current events.

daily newspaper.A newspaper customarily published five to seven days every week. — Often

shortened to daily.

legal newspaper.A newspaper containing matters of legal interest including summaries of

cases, legal advertisements, legislative or regulatory changes, and local bankruptcy notices. [Cases:

Newspapers 1–7. C.J.S. Newspapers §§ 2–29.]

newspaper of general circulation.A newspaper that contains news and information of interest to the general public, rather than to a particular segment, and that is available to the public within a certain geographic area. • Legal notices (such as a class-action notice) are often required by law to be published in a newspaper of general circulation. [Cases: Newspapers 3(5). C.J.S.

Newspapers §§ 4–5.]


“The phrase ‘newspaper of general circulation’ is a term of art in most states and does not necessarily mean the newspaper best calculated to reach interested persons.” Ann Taylor Schwing, Open Meeting Laws § 5.28, at 190–91 (2d ed. 2000).

official newspaper.A newspaper designated to contain all the public notices, resolves, acts, and advertisements of a state or municipal legislative body. [Cases: Newspapers 1–7. C.J.S.

Newspapers §§ 2–29.]

[Blacks Law 8th]