neutral,adj.1. Indifferent. 2. (Of a judge, mediator, arbitrator, or actor) refraining from taking

sides in a dispute.

neutral,n. 1. A person or country taking no side in a dispute; esp., a country that is at peace

and is committed to aid neither of two or more belligerents. Cf. BELLIGERENT.

“The rights of neutrals have grown up to be an important part of international law in modern times…. Now, when a war arises between two states, the interests of all neutrals are more affected than formerly; or, in other words, neutral power has increased more than war power, and the tendency is more and more towards such alterations of the code of war as will favor neutral commerce ….” Theodore D. Woolsey, Introduction to the Study of International Law § 163, at 276 (5th ed. 1878).

2. A nonpartisan arbitrator typically selected by two other arbitrators — one of whom has been selected by each side in the dispute.

[Blacks Law 8th]