nephew. 1. The son of a person’s brother or sister; sometimes understood to include the son of a person’s brother-in-law or sister-in-law. • This term is extended in some wills to include a grandnephew. Cf. NIECE. [Cases: Descent and Distribution 32. C.J.S. Descent and Distribution

§§ 40–41.] half nephew.The son of one’s half brother or half sister.

2.Hist. A grandchild. 3.Hist. A descendant.“[N]ephew… a son’s or daughter’s son, a grandson (also … a granddaughter), later also a brother’s or sister’s son, a nephew, in general a descendant …. The application, as with all other terms denoting relationship beyond the first degree, formerly varied (‘grandson,’ ‘nephew,’ ‘cousin,’ ‘kinsman,’ etc.); its final exclusive use for ‘nephew’ instead of ‘grandson’ is prob. due in part to the fact that, by reason of the great difference in age, a person has comparatively little to do with his grandsons, if he has any, while nephews are proverbially present and attentive, if their uncle is of any importance.” 5 The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia 3968 (1895).

[Blacks Law 8th]