natural,adj.1. In accord with the regular course of things in the universe and without accidental or purposeful interference <a natural death as opposed to murder>.2. Normal; proceeding from the regular character of a person or thing <it is natural for a duck to fly south in the winter>.3. Brought about by nature as opposed to artificial means <a natural lake>.4. Inherent; not acquired or assumed <natural talent>.5. Indigenous; native <the original or natural inhabitants of a country>.6. Of or relating to birth <natural child as distinguished from adopted child>. [Cases: Children Out-of-Wedlock 1. C.J.S. Children Out-of-Wedlock §§ 2–11.] 7. Untouched by civilization; wild <only a small part of the forest remains in its natural state>. — naturally,adv.

natural,n.1. A person who is native to a place. See NATIVE; NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN . 2.

A person or thing well suited for a particular endeavor.

[Blacks Law 8th]