mutual-benefit association.A fraternal or social organization that provides benefits for its

members, usu. on an assessment basis. [Cases: Beneficial Associations 1; Insurance 1237.

C.J.S. Beneficial Associations §§ 2–3.]

“In the absence of … statutory definition, the question of the extent to which mutual benefit, fraternal beneficiary, and like associations or societies, are within the meaning of the insurance laws must depend upon the terms of the different statutes, and the various circumstances of each particular case …. Broadly speaking, when a company, society, or association, either voluntary or incorporated, and whether known as a relief, benevolent, or benefit society, or by some similar name, contracts for a consideration to pay a sum of money upon the happening of a certain contingency, and the prevalent purpose and nature of the organization is that of insurance, it will be regarded as an insurance company and its contracts as insurance contracts ….” 2A George J.

Couch, Couch on Insurance § 20:2, at 11 (rev. 2d ed. 1984).

[Blacks Law 8th]