Mother Hubbard clause. 1. A clause stating that a mortgage secures all the debts that the mortgagor may at any time owe to the mortgagee. — Also termed anaconda clause; dragnet clause. [Cases: Mortgages 14, 114, 121. C.J.S. Mortgages §§ 143–150, 157–161, 169.] 2.Oil & gas. A provision in an oil-and-gas lease protecting the lessee against errors in the description of the property by providing that the lease covers all the land owned by the lessor in the area. • A Mother Hubbard clause is sometimes combined with an after-acquired-title clause. — Also termed cover-all clause. 3. A court’s written declaration that any relief not expressly granted in a specific ruling or judgment is denied. [Cases: Mines and Minerals 55, 73.1. C.J.S. Mines and Minerals §§ 158–160, 169, 240–246, 265, 291, 442.]

[Blacks Law 8th]