modification. 1. A change to something; an alteration <a contract modification>. [Cases: Contracts 236. C.J.S. Contracts §§ 407, 409–411.] 2. A qualification or limitation of something <a modification of drinking habits>.3.Parliamentary law. A change in a motion that its mover initiates or accepts, usu. before the chair has stated the motion. • The mover controls a motion only until the chair states the question, after which the motion belongs to the assembly and the mover cannot modify it without the assembly’s permission. See request for permission to modify a motion under REQUEST. MODIFICATION ORDER

modification order.Family law. A post-divorce order that changes the terms of child support, custody, visitation, or alimony. • A modification order may be agreed to by the parties or may be ordered by the court. The party wishing to modify an existing order must show a material change in circumstances from the time when the order sought to be modified was entered. See CHANGE IN CIRCUMSTANCES .

[Blacks Law 8th]