minor,n.1. A person who has not reached full legal age; a child or juvenile. — Also termed

infant. Cf. ADULT. [Cases: Infants 1.C.J.S. Infants §§ 2–4.]

emancipated minor.A minor who is self-supporting and independent of parental control, usu.

as a result of a court order. See EMANCIPATION. [Cases: Child Support 389; Infants 1;

Parent and Child 16. C.J.S. Infants §§ 2–4; Parent and Child §§ 13–37.]

minor in need of supervision.See child in need of supervision under CHILD. — Abbr. MINS.

2.Roman law. A person who is past puberty but less than 25 years old. — Also termed minor quam 25 annis.

[Blacks Law 8th]