minitrial. A private, voluntary, and informal form of dispute resolution in which each party’s attorney presents an abbreviated version of its case to a neutral third party and to the opponent’s representatives, who have settlement authority. • The third party may render an advisory opinion on the anticipated outcome of litigation. Cf. summary jury trial under TRIAL.

“The idea behind the minitrial is that the parties can resolve a dispute on their own more efficiently if litigant representatives with settling authority are educated about the strengths and weaknesses of each side, giving summary presentations of their best cases under the eye of a jointly selected neutral advisor. After each case is presented, the parties meet privately to negotiate an agreement. The minitrial is confidential and nonbinding. Usually, no transcript is made of the proceeding. Minitrials have had some success in saving both time and money.” Alfred C. Aman Jr.

& William T. Mayton, Administrative Law 291 (2d ed. 2001).

[Blacks Law 8th]