merchandise (m<<schwa>>r-ch<<schwa>>n-dIz also -dIs).1. In general, a movable object involved in trade or traffic; that which is passed from hand to hand by purchase and sale. 2. In particular, that which is dealt in by merchants; an article of trading or the class of objects in which trade is carried on by physical transfer; collectively, mercantile goods, wares or commodities, or any subjects of regular trade, animate as well as inanimate. • This definition generally excludes real estate, ships, intangibles such as software, and the like, and does not apply to money, stocks, bonds, notes, or other mere representatives or measures of actual commodities or values. — Also termed (in senses 1 & 2) article of merchandise. 3. Purchase and sale; trade; traffic, dealing, or advantage from dealing.

[Blacks Law 8th]