member. 1.Parliamentary law. One of the individuals of whom an organization or a deliberative assembly consists, and who enjoys the full rights of participating in the organization — including the rights of making, debating, and voting on motions — except to the extent that the organization reserves those rights to certain classes of membership.

charter member.A member who was a member when the charter was granted or adopted; a


full member.See voting member.

informational member.See nonvoting member. limited member.See nonvoting member.

member ex officio.A member who serves (on a board or committee) ex officio and whose membership will therefore pass with the office to his or her successor. — Also termed ex officio member. See EX OFFICIO.

nonvoting member.A member whose rights do not include the right of voting on the

organization’s or assembly’s business. — Also termed informational member.

voting member.A fully enfranchised member, as distinguished from a nonvoting member. — Also termed full member.

2.Military law. A person assigned to a court-martial to determine guilt and punishment.

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[Blacks Law 8th]