mayhem (may-hem), n.1. The crime of maliciously injuring a person’s body, esp. to impair or destroy the victim’s capacity for self-defense. • Modern statutes usu. treat this as a form of aggravated battery. See BATTERY. Cf. serious bodily injury under INJURY. [Cases: Mayhem 1. C.J.S. Mayhem §§ 2–6.]

“Mayhem, according to the English common law, is maliciously depriving another of the use of such of his members as may render him less able, in fighting, either to defend himself or to annoy his adversary. It is a felony.” Rollin M. Perkins & Ronald N. Boyce, Criminal Law 239 (3d ed. 1982).

2. Violent destruction. 3. Rowdy confusion or disruption. — maim (for sense 1), vb.

[Blacks Law 8th]