marshal,n. 1. A law-enforcement officer with duties similar to those of a sheriff. [Cases: Municipal Corporations 183. C.J.S. Municipal Corporations § 466.] 2. A judicial officer who provides court security, executes process, and performs other tasks for the court. [Cases: Courts

58. C.J.S. Courts § 108.] — marshalship,n.

United States Marshal.A federal official who carries out the orders of a federal court. • U.S.

Marshals are employees of the executive branch of government. [Cases: United States Marshals

29. C.J.S. United States Marshals § 16.]

marshal,vb. 1. To arrange or rank in order <the brief effectively marshaled the appellant’s arguments>.2. To arrange (assets, etc.) according to their liability or availability for payment of debts. 3. To fix the order of (creditors) according to their priority.

[Blacks Law 8th]