lottery. A method of raising revenues, esp. state-government revenues, by selling tickets and giving prizes (usu. large cash prizes) to those who hold tickets with winning numbers that are drawn at random. — Also termed lotto. [Cases: Lotteries  3. C.J.S. Lotteries §§ 2–7, 11.]

Dutch lottery.A lottery in which tickets are drawn from classes, and the number and value of prizes are fixed and increasing with each class. • This type of lottery originated in Holland in the 16th century. — Also termed class lottery.

Genoese lottery (jen-oh-eezor -ees). A lottery in which, out of 90 consecutive numbers, five are drawn by lot, each player wagering that one or more of the numbers they have chosen will be drawn. • This type of lottery originated in Genoa in about 1530. — Also termed number lottery; numerical lottery.
[Blacks Law 8th]