locus delicti (loh-k<<schwa>>s d<<schwa>>-lik-tI). [Latin “place of the wrong”] The place where an offense was committed; the place where the last event necessary to make the actor liable occurred. Cf. LEX LOCI DELICTI. [Cases: Torts  2. C.J.S. Aeronautics and Aerospace § 272; Conflict of Laws §§ 16–17, 99; Right of Privacy and Publicity§§ 3, 40; Torts §§ 27–29.]

“When a statute does not indicate where Congress considered the place of committing the crime to be, the site or locus delicti must be determined from the nature of the crime and the location of the acts or omissions constituting the offense.” United States v. Clinton, 574 F.2d 464, 465 (9th Cir. 1978).
[Blacks Law 8th]