location. 1. The specific place or position of a person or thing. 2. The act or process of locating. 3.Real estate. The designation of the boundaries of a particular piece of land, either on the record or on the land itself. [Cases: Boundaries  7–9. C.J.S. Boundaries §§ 10–23.] 4.Mining law. The act of appropriating a mining claim. See MINING CLAIM. [Cases: Mines and Minerals  9–38. C.J.S. Mines and Minerals §§ 13, 26–93, 95–110, 112, 131.] 5. The claim so appropriated. — Also termed (in senses 4 & 5) mining location. 6.Civil law. A contract for the temporary use of something for hire; a leasing for hire. See LOCATIO.
[Blacks Law 8th]