lex (leks), n.[Latin “law”] 1. Law, esp. statutory law. 2. Positive law, as opposed to natural law. • Strictly speaking, lex is a statute, whereas jus is law in general (as well as a right).3. A system or body of laws, written or unwritten, that are peculiar to a jurisdiction or to a field of human activity. 4. A collection of uncodified laws within a jurisdiction. 5.LEX PUBLICA . 6.LEX PRIVATA. 7.Civil law. A legislative bill. Pl. leges (lee-jeez). Cf. JUS. 8. The acquisition of  property under some specific law, when the property is made over by a magistrate to the claimant.9. A term of a contract, treaty, or other agreement.

[Blacks Law 8th]