lex Junia Norbana (leks joo-nee-<<schwa>> nor-bay-n<<schwa>>). [Latin] Roman law. A law creating the status of Junian Latin for informally manumitted slaves. — Often shortened to lex Junia. See LATINI JUNIANI.

“After the lex Junia Norbana, we find the following classes of persons, under the division of the law of persons into free men or slaves: 1. Ingenui, or persons born free. 2. Libertini… ex-slaves who, on gaining their freedom, became cives. 3. Latini Juniani… ex-slaves who, on manumission and by reason of some defect therein, became something short of full citizens. 4. Dediticii…. 5.

Slaves proper.” R.W. Leage, Roman Private Law 70 (C.H. Ziegler ed., 2d ed. 1930).

[Blacks Law 8th]