legatee (leg-<<schwa>>-tee).1. One who is named in a will to take personal property; one who has received a legacy or bequest. [Cases: Wills  492–520. C.J.S. Wills §§ 902–966.] 2. Loosely, one to whom a devise of real property is given. — Also termed (archaically) legatary. Cf. DEVISEE.

general legatee.A person whose bequest is of a specified quantity to be paid out of the estate’s personal assets.

residuary legatee (ri-zij-oo-er-ee). A person designated to receive the residue of a decedent’s estate. See residuary estate under ESTATE(3). [Cases: Wills  586. C.J.S. Wills §§ 1176–1179, 1184.]

specific legatee.The recipient, under a will, of designated property that is transferred by the owner’s death. [Cases: Wills  753, 754. C.J.S. Wills §§ 1662, 1666–1677, 1679–1683.] universal legatee.A residuary legatee that receives the entire residuary estate.

[Blacks Law 8th]