legate (leg-it), n.[fr. Latin legare “to send as an envoy”] 1.Roman law. An official who undertakes a special mission for the emperor, or an official or body such as a municipality. 2.Roman law. A person deputed to assist or act for the emperor, a governor, or a general in a military or administrative activity. 3. A papal representative who may or may not have both diplomatic and ecclesiastical status; a diplomatic agent of the Vatican. Cf. NUNCIO(1); INTERNUNCIO(3).

legate a latere (ay lat-<<schwa>>-ree). See legatus a latere under LEGATUS. legate missus (mis-<<schwa>>s). See legatus missus under LEGATUS. legate natus (nay-t<<schwa>>s). See legatus natus under LEGATUS.

4. A representative of a state or the highest authority in a state; an ambassador; a person commissioned to represent a country in a foreign country. — Also termed legatus. — legatine,adj.

legate (l<<schwa>>-gayt), vb. To give or leave as a legacy; to make a testamentary gift of (property); BEQUEATH.

[Blacks Law 8th]