lawyer,n. One who is licensed to practice law. Cf. ATTORNEY. [Cases: Attorney and Client 

9. C.J.S. Attorney and Client §§ 24–25.] — lawyerly, lawyerlike,adj. — lawyerdom,n.

certified military lawyer.A person qualified to act as counsel in a general court-martial. • To be qualified, the person must be (1) a judge advocate of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, or a law specialist of the Coast Guard, (2) a graduate of an accredited law school, or a member of a federal-court bar or the bar of the highest court of a state, and (3) certified as competent to perform such duties by the Judge Advocate General of the armed force that the person is a member of. [Cases: Military Justice  1240. C.J.S. Military Justice §§ 352, 357.]

criminal lawyer.A lawyer whose primary work is to represent criminal defendants. • This term is rarely if ever applied to prosecutors despite their integral involvement in the criminal-justice system.

guardhouse lawyer.See JAILHOUSE LAWYER.

headnote lawyer.Slang. A lawyer who relies on the headnotes of judicial opinions rather than

taking the time to read the opinions themselves.

jailhouse lawyer.See JAILHOUSE LAWYER.

transactional lawyer.A lawyer who works primarily on transactions such as licensing

agreements, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and the like.

lawyer,vb.1. To practice as a lawyer <associates often spend their days and nights lawyering, with little time for recreation>.2. To supply with lawyers <the large law-school class will certainly help lawyer the state>. — lawyering,n.

 [Blacks Law 8th]