invasion of privacy.An unjustified exploitation of one’s personality or intrusion into one’s personal activities, actionable under tort law and sometimes under constitutional law. See RIGHT

OF PRIVACY. [Cases: Torts 8.5. C.J.S. Right of Privacy and Publicity § 2.]

invasion of privacy by appropriation.The use of another’s name or likeness for one’s own benefit, esp. commercial gain. • This misappropriation tort protects one’s property right to the economic benefits flowing from the commercial use of one’s face or name.

invasion of privacy by false light.The use of publicity to place another in a false light in the public eye. • The false light may or may not be defamatory or fictional, but the public use must be one that a reasonable person would object to under the circumstances. See FALSE LIGHT(1).

invasion of privacy by intrusion.An offensive, intentional interference with a person’s

seclusion or private affairs.

invasion of privacy by public disclosure of private facts.The public revelation of private information about another in an objectionable manner. • Even if the information is true and nondefamatory, a cause of action may arise.

[Blacks Law 8th]