intestate (in-tes-tayt), adj.1. Of or relating to a person who has died without a valid will <having revoked her will without making a new one, she was intestate when she died>.2. Of or relating to the property owned by a person who died without a valid will <an intestate estate>. [Cases: Descent and Distribution 19. C.J.S. Descent and Distribution ยง 4.] 3. Of or relating to intestacy <a spouse’s intestate share>. Cf. TESTATE. 4.Archaic. (Of a person) not qualified to testify <the witness could not testify after being found intestate>.

intestate,n. One who has died without a valid will. Cf. TESTATOR.

partial intestate.One who has died with a valid will that does not dispose of all of his or her

net probate estate.

[Blacks Law 8th]