cambium (kam-bee-<<schwa>>m). [Law Latin “exchange”] Hist. 1.An exchange of money, debt, or land.

cambium locale.A contract of exchange in which a person agrees to pay a sum of money at one location in consideration of money received at another location. — Also termed cambium mercantile; cambium trajectitium.

cambium reale.An exchange of land. — Also termed cambium manuale.

2. A mercantile contract in which the parties agree to exchange money for money; a bill of exchange. — Also termed escambium. 3.Eccles. law. An exchange of money that potentially allows one party to profit. • Historically, most forms of cambium were forbidden under laws against usury but were gradually allowed as a fair recompense for trouble and risk. Cf. (in sense 3)

USURY. [Blacks Law 8th]