amendment  of  indictment.The  alteration  of  the  charging  terms  of  an  indictment,  either

literally or in effect, after the grand jury has made a decision on it. • The indictment usu. cannot be

amended at trial in a way that would prejudice the defendant by having a trial on matters that were

not contained in the indictment. To do so would violate the defendant’s Fifth Amendment right to

indictment  by  grand  jury.  [Cases:  Indictment  and  Information    159.  C.J.S.  Indictments  and

Informations § 193.]

constructive   amendment   of   indictment.The   admission   of   evidence   that   modifies   the

indictment by modifying the elements of a charged offense or by establishing an offense different

from or in addition to those in the indictment. [Blacks Law 8th]