alter-ego rule. 1.Corporations.The doctrine that shareholders will be treated as the owners of

a  corporation’s  property,  or  as  the  real  parties  in  interest,  whenever  it  is  necessary  to  do  so  to

prevent fraud or to do justice. [Cases: Corporations    1.4(4). C.J.S. Corporations § 12.] 2.Criminal

law. The principle that one who defends another against attack stands in the position of that other

person  and  can  use  only  the  amount  of  force  that  the  other  person  could  use  under  the

circumstances.  [Cases:  Assault  and  Battery    68;  Homicide    757.  C.J.S.  Assault  and  Battery  §

93.] [Blacks Law 8th]