allocution  (al-<<schwa>>-kyoo-sh<<schwa>>n),  n.  Criminal  procedure.  1.  A  trial  judge’s

formal address to a convicted defendant, asking him or her to speak in mitigation of the sentence

to  be  imposed.  •  This  address  is  required  under  Fed.  R.  Crim.  P.  32(c)(3)(C).  2.  An  unsworn

statement from a convicted defendant to the sentencing judge or jury in which the defendant can

ask for mercy, explain his or her conduct, apologize for the crime, or say anything else in an effort

to  lessen  the  impending  sentence.  •  This  statement  is  not  subject  to  cross-examination.  [Cases:

Sentencing and Punishment    356–360. C.J.S. Criminal Law § 1498.]

victim  allocution.A  crime  victim’s  address  to  the  court  before  sentencing,  usu.  urging  a

harsher  punishment.  [Cases:  Sentencing  and  Punishment    361.  C.J.S.  Criminal  Law  §§  1460,

1472, 1479–1480, 1492–1495, 1530, 1779.] [Blacks Law 8th]