allegiance. 1. A citizen’s obligation of fidelity and obedience to the government or sovereign

in return for the benefits of the protection of the state. • Allegiance may be either an absolute and

permanent obligation or a qualified and temporary one.

acquired allegiance.The allegiance owed by a naturalized citizen.

actual allegiance.The obedience owed by one who resides temporarily in a foreign country to

that country’s government. • Foreign sovereigns, their representatives, and military personnel are

typically excepted from this requirement. — Also termed local allegiance.

natural allegiance. The allegiance that native-born citizens or subjects owe to their nation.

permanent allegiance.The lasting allegiance owed to a state by citizens or subjects.

temporary allegiance.The impermanent allegiance owed to a state by a resident alien during

the period of resi-dence.

2.Hist. A vassal’s obligation to the liege lord. See LIEGE. [Blacks Law 8th]